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Jody Hartstone is a NZ Representative for Fautras Horse Floats



I was first introduced to the Fautras trailers at the National Fieldays in Hamilton, in June of 2021.  

Part of my job as a horse trainer is dealing with horses who are difficult loaders or bad travelers, and in my experience I have seen many horses who have either gone over the front bar of a straight load float, struggle to fit into or turn around in an angle load float, climb up on the bins in a horse truck before trying to exit over the partitions, or who who panic and kick so high that any angle load float or truck with bar partitions is a huge risk to their safety.

So I had been on the lookout for a float that did not compromise horse safety in its design, and had the top specifications where it matters most on a trailer - the running gear.   Its all very well to look fancy up top - but often this is at the detriment of the brakes, chassis, suspension and draw bar.

You also see a lot of trailers these days where much thought has gone into the "living space" for the humans with all manner of pop-up and pop-out parts with a stove and a sink, with the horses almost an afterthought.  But if you are like me and want safety, stability, and the very best for transporting your horses from A to B and beyond, I think you will be as excited as I was to see the Fautras range being imported in to New Zealand.

The Structure

All Fautras trailers are fitted with 3 safety roll bars (1 vertical rear bar, 1 horizontal bar, and one central bar linking the two others)
This aluminum and galvanised metal structure, fitted as a standard feature, prevents the deformation of the body and ensures its                solidarity.

The Floor

 A rot-proof polythene floor (made from recycled water bottles) is installed as a standard feature on all Fautras trailers.  It has a biodegradation value of 400 years in salt water.  It absorbs vibrations during transport and reduces noise levels.

The Bodywork

These floats are made entirely of fiberglass (guaranteed without integrated wood) in order to remain lightweight, sturdy and durable.  It is able to resist extremely violent impacts due to its shock absorbing properties.  Moreover, it can easily be repaired in an auto body shop.  

All Fautras Trailers come with a white roof in order to reduce temperature differences.

The Running Gear

It is widely appreciated that European trailers are far superior in the manufacturing of their running gear.  These floats are equipped with:
*  All wheel proven European braking system with break-away cable
*  Lockabe coupling
*  Sealed long-life wheel bearing
*  Superior suspension system 

Safety for the Horse

The thing I love the most about these floats I think, is the partitions.  Firstly are they nice and high - reaching up to the ceiling, which means there is no way a horse can climb out over them.  Secondly they are flexible...  Yes that's right.  Flexible!  These flexible partitions give the horse the feeling of space and help to quieten stressed horses.  They are able to keep their balance and handle bends and roundabouts much easier.

Other great features...

I wont lie to you - there are plenty of them!  My favorite is the large summer opening, which is a large awning along the side of the trailer, giving access to the horse's heads.  I have seen this a lot in my travels in the USA and Canada - big rigs pulled up at petrol stations with the horses being fed and watered from the outside of the trailer.  

There are loads of other great features, but don't take my word for it - come see for yourself!  My trailer will be on the road throughout the North Island and I am happy to arrange a house call with it if I am passing through your area, so you can try your horses on it and see for yourself.

Fautras Trailers are being imported by leading trailer importers Southern Trailers in Cambridge.  They are a great company to deal with and are already well known as being NZ's leading stockists of Ifor Williams Floats and trailers.