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Working Pupil Scheme

A great way to combine study and pleasure

Jody regularly takes on working pupils from all around the world with preference given to those studying for the Equitation Science International qualifications (www.esi-education.com). It is possible to sit some of your ESI exams at Hartstone Equestrian.

Jody thoroughly enjoys helping pupils learn the skills involved in order to be a better rider and horse trainer. Pupils will be involved in the handling of unbroken horses, the starting process and will also get to ride horses with more training.

There is the chance to learn about stud work and foaling mares and excursions to the Raglan beach are a weekly occurrence. In winter there may be a chance to hunt with the local Harrier Hounds.

The working pupil scheme is not a paid position. Your board is covered in most circumstances but you will be expected to contribute to the grocery bills. In exchange you receive weekly lessons, help with your studies, and a constant stream of information about Equitation Science.

One of the highlights of your stay is the eclectic surf town of Raglan is literally ten minutes away - and Hamilton City is 30 minutes by bus or car.

Feedback from working pupils

Working Pupil Scheme: Bec KerrI worked as a working pupil for Jody for two and a half months. In that time I luckily helped Jody break in 3 horses along with work on numerous different schoolers and problem horses that each had their own problems and best of all different solutions to each which meant I learnt a lot more than just a one solution fixes all method.

Jody is passionate about Equitation Science and Horses in general which makes her the best person to learn from and always put her heart and soul into teaching everyone who goes to her for help. I had such a wonderful time working with Jody and dealing with her wonderful Lusitano Stallion Ali Baba I have booked myself in to go back for another 2 months so I can learn more about Dressage and Equitation Science.

If you are a dedicated and hardworking person who wants to make the most of their time being a working pupil and learn constantly I highly recommend approaching Jody for a working pupil position as it will be the best time of your life!

- Bec Kerr - Otago

Working Pupil: EmilyI spent 8 months with Jody from 2012-2013. Although I had been a working student at various other stables previously, my time with Jody was, by far, the best learning experience I could have ever hoped for. Jody was a joy to work for and so generous with her knowledge. Not only did she kindly allow me to gain experience riding her fantastic dressage stallions, she also tirelessly taught me how to start horses safely and efficiently, and how to tackle various conflict behaviours. She revolutionized my approach to riding and training horses.

I left Hartstone Equestrian feeling excited and energized and eager to apply what I had learned to my own horses. Now I train horses and riders at home in Canada using the techniques that Jody taught me. I also organize Jody’s clinics here in Canada - I just want to share her awesomeness with everyone.

- Emily, Canada

Working Pupil: VickyI thoroughly enjoyed my time as a working pupil with Jody.

I learnt so much and am especially grateful to her for introducing me to the wonderful world of ‘Equitation Science’. It’s a fantastic tool that I now carry with me every day! Some of my highlights include backing the young horses, riding Donnerwind (her dressage stallion at the time) and early morning beach rides at nearby Raglan.

Jody’s dedication and enthusiasm for working with horses is both inspiring and infectious. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!

- Vicky - Northern Ireland