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Jody Hartstone is a NZ Representative for Bua Saddles

The Bua - A Revolution in Saddle Design

The Bua Saddle combines all that is best in design, leading edge technology and uncompromising craftsmanship. This saddle embodies Bua's philosophy to do right by horse and rider and to pursue excellence in design.

What makes a Bua Saddle so special?

Sure, they look different - very sporty and almost space-aged. But for me the main factors that make it a stand out saddle are:

  • The fit - from the narrowest to the widest horses I have seen, the Bua sits well on 95% of horses. It’s not adjustable at all, it just fits! The tree design is such that it sits on top of the horses back, with no tree points to get in the way.
  • The lightness - about 4kgs makes it so easy to carry and light on the horses back · The feel – super comfy seat and the knee blocks seem just in the right place.
  • The travel factor - I can take it apart in less than a minute and pop in my suitcase or bag to travel with it.
  • The horse - the saddle panels sit flat on the horses back and have a great deal of play in them - they really move with the horse. The seat has just the right amount of “give” in it to ensure that the horse’s back is cushioned from any downward pressure of the rider. The shoulder panels allow for great freedom of the shoulders and are great for jumping
  • The bonus - it never needs repacking as there is no packing there to pack! 

Colours and flap styles

The Bua comes in a range of colours with two types of jumping flap, a GP and Dressage option too. There’s plenty to choose from whether you are a traditionalist wanting the black on black option, or something a little more “out there” - the Bua has something to cater to your taste. 

Book a trial

You just may find the answer to your saddle fitting woes. Your horse will love the experience and I’m sure you will too. Contact me to book a trial of one of my saddles.


The Bua retails at just Euro 2500 plus shipping and import duties.  

Postage and Duty will add about $1000 more $ onto your purchase, or you can pop one in your luggage to bring back with you any time you are flying to the UK, Ireland or Europe. Easy as! 

I occasionally have a trial saddle available for purchase for around the $4200 NZ mark.